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Jul 3, 10:49 PM

Contrary to the persuasive arguments of many real estate experts in Omsk on what the price of apartments in new buildings will rise from the end of 2009, the cost per square meter in 2010 almost did not change, According to statistics, amounted to 27.9 thousand rubles. The cheapest apartments are in the Kirov region (26.12 thousand rubles.), The most expensive are located in the center (30.74 thousand rubles) Buying a home in the unfinished homes? According to magazine "Real Estate", the demand for primary real estate market has stabilized in Omsk. Among all the options prevail apartments in unfinished buildings. Unfinished do not accidentally do not inspire confidence in buyers - contracts with the company "OmStroy1-2001, were drawn up with clear violations. Fortunately for real estate investors, many frozen items have already found their investors. A completely different situation with prices on Real Estate in Omsk, in homes, put into operation. The cost of finished apartments in the much more expensive housing under construction.

But residents pay does not match the offer price. Rent apartments in new buildings Many Property owners in new buildings, which could not be profitable to sell the house, rescues rent in Omsk, however in this case they happen to spend extra money on repairs. Pay for a room with a bare walls, no one will. Well renovated facility is not cheap, but to pass it without intermediaries - rather difficult. How are mortgage programs for residents of the city money on a new property in Omsk there, both in near future is foreseen. While banks once again came back to the mortgage loan amount is not comparable with the middle-income city residents.

Banking institutions also provide loans only to well-endowed men. The situation is complicated, but Stable Thus, the primary real estate market does not have any epochal changes, vibrations or certain tendencies. Rarely recorded transactions in the finished houses, even less - in the construction sites. A year ago city residents were hoping for a collapse in property prices in Omsk, it now became clear that revenues have fallen even more than housing prices. Analysts believe that if all the construction projects the city will be completed and commissioned, the You can expect an increasing demand for primary property. Time will tell how accurate are forecasts.
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