Norberto Bobbio

Jun 30, 01:33 PM

Clinging to the past, feel the urge to have a thousand times the events in which he participated or witnessed by an attitude that young people wake up in the reaction of a ya is the grandfather with his batallitasa . Affected by these incidents, the elderly may be melancholy, if he abandons the hope that Twilight at the station, tomorrow may portend still reason to continue living. The worst of the elderly is that never has a happy ending. It is characteristic of youth and adults make future plans to deploy its forces and realize their dreams. The biggest, however, see more death coming and they do not make projects, but balances its passage through the world.

It is the excuse of many memoirs and autobiographies with which the authors seek to justify to themselves and to others. Looking back is not usually very satisfactory because many projects were in that and the vicissitudes of the past were not resolved in time with the wisdom of hindsight that the judge allows posterioria a . It is therefore understandable that some people, mostly politicians, claiming they do not repent of anything, as if they had the gift of infallibility and would not have missed before or if his conduct had always been a paragon of virtue and perfection. Unsatisfactory addition, the balance of old age is, in the words of the Italian philosopher Norberto Bobbio algo melancholy, understanding and awareness of the unfinished, the imperfect, the gap between good intentions and actions realizadasa .
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