Apartments For Rent - The First Rules Of Caution

Jun 29, 07:11 AM

Apartments for rent Kiev - is a real business, not some out there charity! Here, as in business, has its own rules. Nobel Laureate in Economics contributes greatly to this topic. 'That is, allowed to live in their tenants' - a woman begins a conversation with his neighbor. And it is heard in the specified combination of the words 'allowed to live' a note of condescension. And this attitude - this is the beginning of differences between the 'occupant' and 'master'. Let's start the conversation by saying that by providing an apartment for rent and then received the money under the contract, the landlord starts to civil law relations, or, in other words - sends a residential area in use on-agreed period of time. And living in this period may live in an apartment without the presence of the owner. All people find it unacceptable to take something from another table in another mailbox. Visiting other people's apartments in the absence of the owner generally is regarded as illegal vstkrytie.

However, for some reason seen rental apartments with no tenants, most owners think it is absolutely normal solution. Hosts that this way they retain their marital property: what if what happened to the apartment! However, property protection, they thereby impinge on someone else's property. Nobody is not saying that any landlord who has come into it with no tenants, took someone else's property. However, imagine the arisen situation: living in apartment people something were missing. Who will be the first suspect? And he will prove innocence? Or, say, forgot to turn off stove, water tap is not closed, and the apartment needs to be overhauled. Can you prove that this damage was the direct fault of the tenants? After all, they may well say that in their absence in the room you visited, the owner! Looking for these problems for you? Incidentally: experience shows that it makes no sense to ask residents seek care from an ancient chest of drawers and make sure that valuable picture is not covered with dust. Even if accuracy of tenants it is unlikely you'll spend the night quietly. Therefore, if the thing you are very dear, and her loss of you seriously worried, not leave it in the apartment ever! Want to see what things happen to your apartment - Speak your arrival with the tenants. The more visits to the apartment you can always stipulate in the contract to be concluded. And the owner is convenient, and tenants can be confident that nobody would violate their privacy. Do not trust in all matters of tenants - are always discussions with the neighbors. They hide from you nothing will. Quite often, the neighbors sometimes exaggerate all the 'horrors' that happen in the apartment tenants, the tenants. Rent apartment in Kiev is a highly developed business, so finding the right accommodation is not be difficult.
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