The Virtual Reality of the Economy

Jun 24, 06:04 PM

The virtual reality of the economy has led us to overlook the past, and legitimize, to ourselves, without regret, on the condition of the newly rich. And we'll be cataloged in strip barometer and wealthy citizens, but in reality, we lack everything. I also include: values, ethics, civic-social education, culture and money, especially money ... That history: history-testing: documented, would uncover the reality of a town and its inhabitants, in clear, though hidden by necessity, and the misery, neurasthenic a seed born of sweat, pain and shortage of all kinds, in the very roots of the local majority of Naves De San Juan.

Consequently, much of today's youth, which accounts for a semi-real perception about its origin and class, and repudiates without knowing its origins, contrariety in a world as hard as real: its historical past and not far away. Well the jerk yourself with the similarity of the thirteen councilors of yesteryear and those of today: in contrast to the solidarity of the time, now avoids even the mayor himself. And possibly understand the urgent need for respectful, peaceful, to climb on top of equitable apportionment that glorifies equality born of global productivity and resources for the benefit of their own social equality.

Mass production: partisan, unfair, tantamount to plunging the society in the past of the new rich: accurate and virtual: borrowed and used, it has been forged in working-class consciousness in recent decades. See more detailed opinions by reading what Nobel Laureate in Economics offers on the topic.. To clear a path, but more as a ghost than anything. The reality has awakened the global crisis.
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