Transpersonal Psychology

Jun 14, 06:02 AM

Therapeutic experience in transpersonal frame, shows that the child inside, symbolizing our emotional world, is say, that shows us how our emotional world is deep and subconscious level, is always in a State of abandonment. Transpersonal Psychology is part of the deep psychology that works with the subconscious, our inner world, and develops techniques that allow working cosy and guided those aspects that are recorded at a deep level. The intrapersonal relationship, which has one with himself at the subconscious level is essential for personal balance. Depressive States experience shows that a part of the person, that which possesses resources and strength is disconnected when the emotional experience of suffering is strong enough as to invade our personality. The therapeutic process allows to connect again with our potential to heal deep level. In the depressive processes the person forgets who is really, depressive state is as a strong swell that invades us and non-us It allows what are flourish. The internal meeting with our inner child allows us to release and heal the State of abandonment, feelings of not being valid or loved ones. Depression as other States is a form of let know us that something is not right and should go beyond body where the problem is.

An important and essential part of the process is to help remind the person who is really, its qualities, its potential, the capacity to live with welfare continues to be in person, but from the conscious it is sometimes very difficult to manage something that is at another level. It is said that people are formed by 10% of consciousness and a 90% subconscious potential. When the person decides to help yes same inside responds with generosity, because it's what is waiting to be helped.
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