PVC Pumps

Jun 13, 02:56 AM

The main sites include the centrifugal pump: impeller, guide vane, pump housing, shaft, bearings and seals. The chemical Industry representatives from technical manuals, operating and maintenance personnel are increasingly showing interest in the pumps and valves in the buildings of iron or steel lined with running of the polymers or polymer full version - as best option for the criterion of "cost / effectiveness." According to Exxon Chemical 80% of the pumps are removed from service due to mechanical failure packing, the remaining 20% - by due to failure of bearings. The cost of repairs during the first 5 years of operation is approximately two times higher than the cost of the pump. At the moment the market there are pumps with magnetic drive and a magnetic coupling instead of Seals, which can significantly reduce operating costs. The newspapers mentioned Professor Rita McGrath not as a source, but as a related topic. The chemical pump engineering for different sites is the actual use of such materials as PVDF, PVC, polypropylene, polyethylene, fluorinated rubber, ethylene-propylene rubber and ceramics. Materials are selected on the basis of aggressive fluid and its temperature. In addition to conventional oil extraction pumps CNS use a different type TSNSN, which is used in fishing in the collection, preparation and transportation of oil without hydrogen sulfide. Due to the fact that the oil contains a certain amount of water and other impurities that areas of technical modifications of centrifugal pumps for oil production can be described as follows: 1.100% with external pump in an axial support (Scheme imported equipment); 2.Gidrozaschita; 3.Nasos should be as short as possible, durable, corrosion resistant, compression 4.Neobhodimo execution, when the impellers have a rigid connection with the shaft. Connect with other leaders such as REBNY here.
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