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Jun 7, 05:03 AM

All The Web, Altavista, Lycos, etc, were acquired and assimilated by those who still remain standing, so, or have disappeared as such, or use the same database that one of the greatest, so there is no need to treat them individually. Well, let's prepare ourselves to deal with them. Consider what happens when someone uses one of these search engines: a first step, go to your portal. At this point the search engine already knows many details about the user: the language of your operating system, version of it and more importantly, its geographical position quite accurately.

In some cases, if you are a regular user, they can even know what kind of search pages with more frequency and what are your browsing habits that is not small. From these data can elaborate a fairly accurate profile about your interests, occupation, hobbies, age, and other aspects that allow them to offer personalized results and advertising. Many marketing directors would kill to nudge Trying to get this kind of information their audiences. Thus when a user in the United States make any query will appear first stores, brands and U.S. products. However when I do a Spanish user will appear outcomes related to Spain. It is important therefore that the search engines have very clear which is the area of influence that we cover. The more limited the better.

This can be accomplished in several ways: Housing our site on a server with local IP domain Hiring a regional or neutral Including keywords relating to the location where the contents of the pages The words magicasPongamos's say you keep creating your site to sell mowers and very smart, you have planned exactly what phrases your potential customers use to search for products and services you offer.
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