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Jun 6, 04:48 PM

At the current dollar exchange rate, it is all the more interesting high-quality American log home to buy. Important but also credible and financially stable suppliers to find. October, 2009, Honesdale, PA - Mr. Ravn will act as a European support for consultants and architect of Estemerwalts in various European countries, including Denmark, Germany, Russia, the Netherlands and Norway. "Estemerwalt log homes has a reputation abroad for the products and the excellent service and the service.", says Ravn. "The range is extraordinary, and it makes us proud partners of this company to be. So the Europeans will get direct access to high end custom wooden houses from the United States." The new Estemerwalt log homes will offer direct support at the delivery Office in Denmark to Europe, it will ensure that, when the houses of customers have been unpacking, a control is, that these intact and correctly processed were delivered. Estemerwalt has This establishment in Denmark opened to have also a stock of materials, in the event that any part on the way to the customer has been damaged or lost at the construction site.

This international joint efforts of Estemerwalt and Mr Ravn will affect not the customer service or their current and future customers in the United States. "Who is over 126 years in business such as Estemerwalt, which is not its roots forgotten and our commitment in the United States", says Provost. "We will continue to serve our customers in the United States as we have always done it - Europe goes this partnership we just officially to expand and to offer Europeans the same exceptional service and product quality, as Americans we are accustomed and the product they home call you." Estemerwalt log homes offers one of the most comprehensive packages for the log house construction in the industry. You get a variety of log profiles, including D-log, half log, and the always-popular full Round wood. Become a fan of Estemerwalt log homes on Facebook to be updated regularly about activities Estemerwalt.
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